We are The Giggle Toots!

We are The Giggle Toots!




Are you a fisherman because I think you’re a reel catch

You spelled real wrong.

Throw this one back into the water boys we’ve got ourselves a city slicker


it’s not a sunday unless you completely waste it then feel really sad around 8pm


people who feel comfortable pooping anywhere other than their house are not to be trifled with

When contemplating a $15.00 purchase 10-year-old me: Wow idk that's a lot of money
15-year-old me: Kickass, that's so cheap
20-year-old me: Wow idk that's a lot of money


today this girl asked me if we were hiring and we are but i told her we weren’t because right now im the prettiest girl that works here and if she got hired i wouldn’t be anymore



Drake’s probably still in that chair

for a sec i thought this meant the wheelchair from degrassi

Anonymous said:
omg if baby oil dissolves condoms what the fuck does it do to babies???


This may be shocking, but babies and condoms are made of different material

Anonymous said:
What did you get on your SAT's?


mostly disappointed looks from my parents

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